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Envitool has built comprehensive strategic partnerships with various renown organisations to bring combined resources together to extend our service for our valued customers.


China Law Info

Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd., established in 1999 by Peking University, it is a high-tech legal information and software company. Utilizing Peking University’s abundant resources to offer quality online legal training, Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. has been continuously supplying legal information and improving services in the law community and is currently the largest provider of legal information in China.

www.chinalawinfo.com launched by Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd., the Peking University legal information website, offers online legal research database and other legal reference materials such as scholarly essays. The database is updated daily, and it remains the most widely used legal information website since its launched. Passing the Ministry of Education’s Fifteenth 211 CERNET system project, the database has been the recipient of Second Prize of the National Education Achievement Award and First Prize of the Beijing and Peking University Education Achievement Award.

“Beida Fabao” is high-tech electronic legal database jointly launched by Peking University Legal Information Center and Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. Founded in 1985 by the law department of Peking University, it has been meticulously improved and perfected over the last 20 years, making it the most authoritative, professional, and advanced legal research system today.

The first in China to develop a legal information and knowledge database, “Beida Fabao” seamlessly connects laws and regulations with their respective related cases through the unique “Two-way Hypertext Clink” function. This feature not only enables the user to directly browse and print legal information used in the cases but also links all relevant laws and regulations, judicial interpretations, law journals, and other cases together. With this feature, the users can further understand, research, and utilize the legal information system.

ChinaLawInfo Contact Information:
Chinalawinfo Co.,Ltd.
Address: 27 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun Building 9, China 100080
Phone: 010-82668266-169
Fax: 010-82668268
Email: tsl@chinalawinfo.com

ERM China


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We have over 140 offices in 39 countries and territories employing more than 4,700 people. ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for our clients. ERM’s China operations were established in 1994 as the first privately owned and operated international environmental consultancy in the country.

ERM’s China operations were established in 1994 as the first privately owned and operated international environmental consultancy in the country. Over 110 people now work in our four offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

China’s fast growing economy provides significant opportunities for both local and foreign enterprises while at the same time presenting major challenges in managing the increasing impacts on the natural environment within a landscape of vast social migration and change. Against this background ERM’s key focus is in helping foreign companies to set up, expand, maintain and divest themselves of businesses, facilities and services in line with China’s continually-developing regulatory environment.

In 2007 ERM became the first and only foreign invested consultancy to be awarded a prestigious Class A EIA license by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China (MEP). This license permits our involvement at the highest level in preparing EIAs that help clients carry out some of China’s largest and most complex development projects.

ERM regulatory services:
Tier 1: Develop applicable EHS regulation list and update
Tier 2: Provide analysis of applicable EHS regulatory requirements
Tier 3: Provide implication how these requirements apply to you, and instruct how to be in compliance

ERM Contact Information:
ERM China
Address: Suite 1803, Henderson Metropolitan, 300 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai 200001, China
Phone: +86 21 5385 3050
Fax: +86 21 6469 2185

National Standards Network Platform


National Standards Network Platform is a comprehensive service network that integrated the Standards information together, which includes food and agriculture standards service, industry technical standards service, entry-exit inspection and quarantine service, standardization training and information interchange service and quality safety research service. The platform provide Standards information search, online browsing, online printing, translation, and Standards related training for enterprise, public institution, scientific research institutions, inspection organizations, industry center and trade associations.

National Standards Network Platform Contact Information:
The Zhejiang Province Fangda standard Information Co., Ltd.
Address: Hangzhou City North Road, No. 305 the Yaojiang Development Centre, 5th Floor, Zhejiang Institute of Standardization
Phone: 0571-85786984
Fax: 0571-85786976