EHS Legal Updates, Mar 2015: Health & Safety

09 March 2015

EHS Legal Updates (3 2015): Health & Safety

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Department Rules & Normative Documents of Department

Document Name Document Signature Promulgation Date
Notice of the MSP on Issuing the Announcement on Enhancing the Fire Protection in Crowded Places MPS 2015-01-08
Eight Provisions on Safe Production for Labor-intensive Processing Enterprises SAWS Order No.72 2015-02-15
Five Provisions on Standardization of Practitioners of Safety Evaluation and Inspection and Testing Institutions (for Trial Implementation) SAWS Order No.71 2015-02-02
Notice of the SAWS on Issuing the Catalogue of Equipment and Technologies Prohibited from Using in Metal and Non-metal Mines (Second Batch) An Jian Zong Guan Yi[2015]13 2015-02-13
Notice of the SAWS on Issuing the Promoting List of the New Applicable Safety Technology and Equipment in Metal and Non-metal Mines (First Batch) An Jian Zong Guan Yi[2015]12 2015-02-13
Notice of the SAWS/SACMS on Enhancing the Supervision and Inspection on Delegated Coal Mines An Jina Zong Mei Jian[2015]15 2015-02-16
Notice of the SAWS on Issuing the Administrative Regulations on Periodic Testing of Occupational Hazards Factors by Employers An Jian Zong Ting An Jian[2015]16 2015-02-28
Notice of the MOHURD on Issuing the Administration of Qualification Management of Construction Enterprises and Implementing Opinions on Qualification Standards Jian Shi[2015]20 2015-01-31
Notice of the NEA on Repealing Relevant Issues Concerning the Safety Evaluation of Generator Network Merging Guo Neng An Quan[2015]28 2015-01-27
Announcement of the NRA and the MPS on Issuing the Catalogue of Non-carrying-on Goods on Railway Guo Tie Yun Shu Jian[2015]3 2015-02-04

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