EHS Legal Updates, May 2015: Health & Safety

08 May 2015

EHS Legal Updates (5 2015): Health & Safety

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Department Rules & Normative Documents of Department

Document Name Document Signature Promulgation Date
Notice of China Certification and Accreditation Association on Issuing and Implementing the Operation Criteria for Integrity of Certification Institutions Zhong Ren Xie Jian[2015]112 2015-05-01
Notice of China Certification and Accreditation Association on Issuing the Norms for the Practicing Integrity Management of Certified Professional Zhong Ren Xie Jian[2015]115 2015-06-01
Notice of China Certification and Accreditation Association on Issuing the Administrative Measures (For Trail Implementation) of China Certification and Accreditation Association on Group Norms Zhong Ren Xie Ji[2015]117 2015-04-30
Notice of the SAWS and the SACMS on Issuing the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Inspection of the Final Acceptance of Safety Facilities in Coal Mine Construction Projects An Jian Zong Mei Jian[2015]34 2015-04-10
Notice of the SAWS on Launching the Special Campaign on Screening, Identification and Control of Work Safety Accident Hazards in Petrochemical Enterprises An Jian Zong Guan San[2015]43 2015-04-27
Letter of the Office of the SAWS on Replying Problems Concerning the External Safety Distance An Jian Zong Ting Guan San Han[2015]46 2015-04-10
Regulations of the Prevention and Protection on the Hazards of Occupational Disease in Coal Mines Workplace SAWS Order No.73 2015-04-01
Eight Provisions of the Prevention and Control of Occupational Disease for Employers SAWS Order No.76 2015-03-24
Decisions of the SAWS on Amending Four Regulations Including the Interim Provision on the Fine Penalty in the Regulation on the Report, Investigation and Handling of Work Safety Accidents SAWS Order No.77
Notice of the NEA and the SAWS on Issuing the Standard of the Establishment of Safety Standardization in Photovoltaic Power Generation Enterprises Guo Neng An Quan[2015]127 2015-04-20
Notice of the NEA and the SAWS on Promoting Matters Concerning the Construction of Safety Standardization in Electricity Industry Guo Neng An Quan[2015]126 2015-04-20
Notice of the State Council on the Reform Plan on Deepening the Standardization Work Guo Fa[2015]13 2015-03-11
Notice of the State Council on Strengthening the Supervision and Law Enforcement on Work Safety Guo Ban Fa[2015]20 2015-04-02
Notice of the Office of the MOHURD on Enhancing the Safety Administration Work in Scenic Spots Jian Ban Cheng[2015]18 2015-04-16
Opinion of the Office of the MOHURD on Matters Concerning the Application for Work Safety License of Eight Types of Contracting Enterprises Including Earthwork and Precast Concrete Jian Ban Zhi Han[2015]269 2015-04-03
Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China (2015 Revision) President Order No.21 2015-10-01
Administrative Regulations on the Safety Supervision for the Operation of Hydropower Dam National Development and Reform Commission Order No.23 2015-04-01
Notice of the Office of the MOHURD on Issuing the Catalog of the Classification of Key Materials for Emergency Security (2015) Fa Gai Ban Yun Xing[2015]825 2015-04-07
Notice of the MPS and the MOT on Enhancing the Safety Management Work for the Acceptance of Road Less-than-one Carload Freight Transport Gong Tong Zi[2015]11 2015-04-09
Notice of the MOT, NEA and SAWS on Regulating the Management of the Cross Project of Highway Bridge and Oil & Gas Pipelines Jiao Gong Lu Fa[2015]36 2015-03-17
Notice of the MOT on Further Enhancing the Safety Supervision Work on Dangerous Goods of Port Jiao Shui Han[2015]300 2015-04-22
Administrative Measures for Occupational Health Examination National Health and Family Planning Commission Order No.5 2015-05-01
Decision of the AQSIQ on Repealing and Amending Some Regualations and Rules AQSIQ Order No.162 2015-03-31
Measures for Accreditation of Inspection Institutions AQSIQ Order No.163 2015-08-01

National & Industry Standards

Document Name Document Signature Promulgation Date
Typical Fire Prevention Procedures for Electrical Equipment DL 5027-2015 2015-09-01
Rural Electric Safe Working Code DL 493-2015 2015-09-01
Design Procedure of 35kV~110kV Indoor Transformer Substation DL/T 5495-2015 2015-09-01
Design Procedure of 220kV~500kV Indoor Transformer Substation DL/T 5496-2015 2015-09-01
Technical Procedure for the Design of 330kV~500kV Unattended Transformer Substation DL/T 5498-2015 2015-09-01
Safety Operation Procedures of Construction Machinery in Hydraulic and Hydro-power engineering Project — Tower Belt Crane DL/T 5722-2015 2015-09-01
Safety Operation Procedures of Construction Machinery in Hydraulic and Hydro-power engineering Project — Crawler Spreader DL/T 5723-2015 2015-09-01
Specifications for the Administration of the Operation of Electricity Charge Facilities for Electric Vehicles NB/T 33019-2015 2015-09-01
Norms for the Operation in Well Logging of Coalbed Methane NB/T 10021-2015 2015-09-01
Code of the Acceptance of Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene in Wind Power Project NB/T 31073-2015 2015-09-01
Standards for the Design of Pulp and Paper Mills GB 51092-2015 2015-11-01
Design Specifications for Garage Building JGJ 100-2015 2015-12-01
Technical Specifications for the Construction Safety in Highway Project JTG F9-2015 2015-05-01
Risk Classification and Security Requirement for Oil & Gas Pipeline System GA 1166-2014 2015-02-01
Mobil Water Storage Device for Fire Fighting and Prevention GA 1204-2014 2015-03-01
Fire Blanket GA 1205-2014 2015-03-01
Nitrogen Injected and Oxygen Controlled Fire Apparatus GA 1206-2014 2015-03-01
Safety Technical Specification for the Structure of Dry Mortar Production Equipment SB/T 11130-2015 2015-09-01
Norms for work safety standardization of tobacco enterprises — Part 4 Evaluation Requirements and Job Specification YC/T 384.4-2015 2015-02-15
Specifications for the Identification of Pumping Station Safety SL 316-2015 2015-06-09
Guideline for the Safety Appraisal of Embankment Project SL/Z 679-2015 2015-04-21
Norms of Emergency Response for Lightning Disaster QX/T 245-2014 2015-03-01
Technical Specification of Lightning Safety in construction site QX/T 246-2014 2015-03-01